in-consistent at WSearchEditor


I. in-consistent when open search panel by push enter and click to button
1. in any business partner field select a bparner (example GardenUser BP)
2. change text to fdgsdgfd

use key enter
3.1 click enter key.
+ text at field restore to GardenUser BP
+ search dialog (bp info window) is open
4.1 close dialog by click cancel button
+ because text is restore at 3.1, nothing happen

use mouse click to button.
3.2 click to button to show search dialog
+ search dialog is open
4.2 close dialog by click cancel button
+ text in field is clear, field become empty non bp is selected.

when use enter key, ON_OK event is raise, actionRefresh(getValue()) is call to restore text to text of selected bp.
i see this is suitable action, because should fix behavior of mouse click to this.

II. close search dialog.
close search dialog by click cancel button has difference behavior than click to close button (at top right of dialog)

reproduce from 1 to 4.1 step of above description
click cancel button as 4.2 => text at field is clear
click close button, nothing change, "fdgsdgfd" remain in field

=====update other new case============
III. do step 1,2 as above description.
3.3 click tab button.
+ because "fdgsdgfd" is not map with any item, search dialog is show.
4.3 click to cancel button
+ same as 4.2 field is clear
click to close button, behavior is save case open dialog by mouse click to button.
when dialog close, nothing happen.

=====total conclude:===========
+ behavior when click to button close and button cancel should same.
+ behavior when open dialog by click mouse, enter, tab should same.
with it should keep behavior as click to close button, don't change anything
with it should keep behavior as open by tab key or click button. don't restore text.
add handle esc button to restore selected item







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