kiosk mode screens


Thomas likes to have a way to use one single http call to

  • login as a dedicated user

  • opening a dedicated window

  • in a borderless view

  • that refreshes after a set timeout

  • it can even be good to open more than one window and let the view cycle through them

  • ZK_SESSION_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS has to work not globally but on a single user (kiosk user without timeout)

  • we can use dashboards to collect data in one window

    • Norbert explained that dashboard layout may be improved

  • integration with external kiosk tools - via sending HTML or screenshots periodically

  • /kiosk like idempiereMonitor -> dedicated to show the required info

  • could use the cookie information to login -> problem - how to relogin in a server crash

  • Carlso says there is an extension to refresh chrome every minute. As that creates a session every x minutes we should better have autorefresh windows

What already works:

  • if you close the borders (left, right and at the top) for a single user, this is persisted

  • you can automatic open a window when you login using menu favourites (you set a sequence there)

  • one can refresh a chrome tab in some ways

what does not work

  • automatic passwordless login

    • Deepak already uses authentication login in web services

    • using cookies does not work on a server crash

  • no menu for the kiosk user

  • automatic refresh e.g. for normal data windows, reports, etc.






Thomas Bayen


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