currency rate by document or by transaction


We discussed that on the iDempiere Chateau Chapelle Workshop 2019.

We like to set a currency rate per document because the rate may change during days or for other reasons. We like a field to set a "manual" currency rate calculation in a document header.

There is a patch from TrekGlobal that uses a spot currency rate type (e.g. "manual") that allows to enter a currency rate for every single document. Carlos likes to review the TrekGlobal implementation.




Michael Powacht
February 26, 2021, 2:53 AM

Currently, this solution doesn’t address a multi-country/organization and multi-schema scenario. Forum discussions in progress here: ttps://

Michael Powacht
February 20, 2021, 11:06 AM

After investigating the issue reported under it seems, it’s also related to the changes made under this ticket.

Carlos Ruiz
February 16, 2021, 11:56 AM

Annoying message found copying a record in the Payment window:

  • Open Payment window and search for record with DocumentNo = 400000

  • Click the Copy Record button

  • Harmless but confusing message is shown: Invalid:Rate

Carlos Ruiz
November 10, 2020, 4:52 PM

Thanks .

I also found a problem in the bank statement, create button and is ready for peer review in pull request 372

Luis Amesty
November 10, 2020, 3:51 PM

Hi Carlos

  1. On Functions:
    Functions invoicepaid, invoicepaidtodate, invoiceopen, invoiceopentodate, invoiceopentodatewithTS, paymentallocated, paymentavailable.
    I am working with them on PostgreSQL, because I used then on many Jasper reports. I would add invoiceopen and invoiceopentodate to the list.
    I don’t have oracle test dev, but I could give you mi comments about them or final code script when I finish testing.

  2. Function currencyrate:
    This function is used by currencyconvert function, which in turn is used by currencyconvertinvoice and currencyconvertpayment. But as you say ”intended for generic conversions, not related to invoices/payments
    NOT need to be considered.

  3. All the Functions mentioned on point 1.
    They all includes a Allocation amount calculation loop for v_PaidAmt. Like:

            v_Temp := ar.Amount + ar.DisCountAmt + ar.WriteOffAmt;

    v_PaidAmt := v_PaidAmt

            -- Allocation

    + currencyConvert(v_Temp * v_MultiplierAP,

    ar.C_Currency_ID, v_Currency_ID, ar.DateTrx, null, ar.AD_Client_ID, ar.AD_Org_ID);

          RAISE NOTICE '   PaidAmt=% , Allocation= % * %', v_PaidAmt, v_Temp, v_MultiplierAP;

    The function currencyconvert is called with null parameter on C_ConversionType_ID. So a generic and any CurrencyType value for CurrencyRate is returned.
    This is due, because C_AllocationHdr table doesn't have C_ConversionType_ID field. But in spite of, a right value must be taken from Invoice or payment allocated with, in order to calculate v_PaidAmt value correctly.
    WDYT ?

  4. Finally. I could contribute on Java Classes too. But let me Un Lock all my Jasper reports affected by this feature, First.

    Luis Amesty


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