Incorrect allocation amount when using "Allocate" tab with Over Under Amount


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login on

  2. Using the Payment window create a new receipt with following values:

    1. Organization: HQ

    2. DocType: AR Receipt

    3. BankAccount: 1234_MoneyBank_123456789

    4. Business Partner: C&W Construction

    5. Payment amount: 200.00 USD

  3. Save the record and then open the "Allocate" tab, creating a record with following values:

    1. Organization: HG

    2. Invoice: 200002

    3. Amount: 200

    4. Over / Under Payment: -38.88

  4. Return to payment and Complete the document

Now you can check:

  • The Invoice is not checked as IsPaid

  • On Payment Allocation form the Invoice is listed as open with a negative amount and the payment remainder is not available

If you revert the allocation and payment, and repeat the steps not using the "Allocate" tab, and selecting the invoice directly on Payment the issue does not happen.


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Murilo Habermann Torquato


Murilo Habermann Torquato