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All the screenshots used in iDempiere online manual are still based on SWING interface that is discontinued.

Recently we worked on Selenium plugin to make it functional and then we automated the generation of ZK interface screenshots and attached you can find a package with all generated files (using a server version based on default branch).

I will create another ticket with a patch and instructions.

Download screenshots:

NOTE: in our internal project we are not using the mediawiki for online documentation. Instead of that we are using the Docusaurus project with an automated generation tool from dictionary (same concept us.




Murilo Habermann Torquato
September 15, 2020, 8:39 PM

Updating after a long time…

The project was updated and now we can use it to automate the screenshots generation.

First you will need to setup your workspace with the iDempiere + iDempiere Fitnesse projects and get your server (functional testing running with fitnesse and selenium plugins selected and started) . After that you can:

  1. using the example TakeScreenshotTest class from org.idempiere.ui.zk.selenium project

    • After you setup yor workspace with the iDempiere + iDempiere Fitnesse projects, get your server (functional testing running) and run this class as a JUnit Test. It will open a browser take the screenshot from the Product window and then save it to your $HOME directory


  2. using the FitNesse new take screenshot

    • Run the iDempiereFitNesse launch from fitnesse project

    • Open your browser and go to http://localhost:8089/FrontPage

    • Check on ZkSuite the TakeScreenshot page you can check the take screenshot Fixture example

    • If you click on Test when finished

      • a page will be displayed with the images captured


      • and also the files will be saved on the $SERVER_HOME/screenshot directory



Maybe if we can use FitNesse to first create demo data (it quite simple as we can see on IdempiereSuite.TestCreateBusinessPartner example) and then create a list for take screenshots for all the menu entries we can automate this task and keep the images always updated as discussed here https://mattermost.idempiere.org/idempiere/pl/e9ajy3qkij8nbg37swsjn9uh7y .

NOTE: there is a pull request for defining an ID for GlobalSearch on core to make this all work as expected.


Murilo Habermann Torquato


Murilo Habermann Torquato


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