Create Long Reference Type (FHCA-956)


Requirement here is to support the type "Long Integer" corresponding to java Long as a column reference in core.




Carlos Ruiz
May 22, 2019, 8:51 AM

After analyzing the required changes on this patch, I found is too disruptive - it seems too much pain for little gain when the workaround is easy, just define the column as numeric and manage the logic for the column in the M class (length, precision, Long getter/setter, etc).

The attached patch contains:
46 changes to java programs and 2 migration scripts
20 changes to core programs
11 changes to zk
2 changes to webservices

Closing and leaving the patch here as an educational tool.

Carlos Ruiz
May 18, 2019, 1:16 PM

Upoaded here

The patch adds a new reference type with name "Long Integer".

Tests conducted:

  • capture (OK)

  • export excel (OK)

  • export csv (OK)

  • import csv (OK)

  • export 2pack (OK)

  • import 2pack - without X_ (OK)

  • model generator (OK)

  • import 2pack - with X_ class

  • report html (OK)

  • report pdf (OK)

  • report xls (OK)

  • export xml (OK)

  • grid view (OK)

  • master view (OK)

  • detail grid view (OK)

  • sort in detail grid view (OK)

  • calculator (OK)

  • find (OK)

  • advanced find operators (OK)

  • display in info window (OK)

  • editable in info window (OK)

  • use in process parameter -> ((BigDecimal)para[i].getParameter()).longValue() (OK)

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Carlos Ruiz


Carlos Ruiz