Query gets lost when Importing a csv file from the toolbar button


Contributed by TrekGlobal.

When you import a csv files from the 'CSV Import File Loader' in the toolbar, after the process finishes the window shows only the last imported record and the search button and refresh do not work. The reason is because while importing the class GridTabCSVImporter calls gridTab.getTableModel().dataRequery() but that where clause is not cleaned after the process finishes, which leaves the window with an undesired MQuery.

Steps to Reproduce:
a) Create a new Import Template for the 'Product Category' window, for example, Product Category UTF-8 (See the screenshot below)

b) Go to the menu list to find and select the 'Product Category' window. Then, push the CSV import button. The 'Import File Loader' dialog will open. In this dialog, choose the newly created import template, the 'Insert' mode and upload the below file to be imported.

c) After importing the template file, the 'Product Category' window is refreshed and show only the last imported line record (See the screenshot below). If I keep clicking Refresh or Lookup All Records, but this window doesn't actually do anything (Always show the last imported line).




Diego Ruiz


Diego Ruiz


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