Reporting wizard for end users


We want to add a simpler reporting wizard for end users.

Actually the way to customize a report is opening the print format window - and this is not a very usable option for end users.

So, the wizard must behave like this:

  • Show the print formats associated with the actual report (based on a table if is a report button of window, or based on table/view if is a menu report)

  • Allow the user to change things from the chosen print format - or create a new one based on this as template

  • First thing is to display the fields and allow user to show via flags the fields to show on report

  • After the user select the fields to show an order tab is presented to allow the user to sort the fields

  • Then the sort criteria tab is shown allowing the user to choose how to sort the report

  • Then a list of the fields used for sort is shown allowing the user to select fields for grouping

  • Then the list of fields is shown in a grid to allow the user to select for each field if user wants a Sum / Count / Min / Max / Mean / Variance / Deviation

After this last step the print format is generated, saved and run

There must be buttons available on each step to Save and Run the report




Juliana Corredor T.


Carlos Ruiz


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