Error in creating new record in documents with lines in big tables.


We test v.3.1 with our data (DB dump from our production database v.2.0).
Our DB dump contain:
C_OrderLine > 12 millions records
M_MovementLine > 1.4 millions records
M_InventoryLine > 1.1 millions records

When we try create new document on this table then occure error (see attach picture).
I reproduced the error in clean installation and clean database.
You can reproduce it too.

1. Install new iDempiere v.3.1 instance.
2. Import new clean Adempiere_pg.dmp with GardenWorld.
3. Seed >1 millions records in C_OrderLine table. You can use my little script "ip_seed_orderline" in pgAdmin or write own.
4. Start idempiere-server.
5. Logs in by SystemAdmin.
6. Open "System Configurator" window, open variable "GRIDTABLE_LOAD_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS" and set it to 1 or 2 (default = 30). (In our big production databse we wait 30 seconds and then error occures. But in the clean database I have error after 4 seconds)
7. Logs in by GardenAdmin.
8. Click button "Create New Record" near "Purchase Order" menu item.
9. Set some mandatory fields (Org, BPartner, Warehouse...) and click "Save" button.
10. "Processing..." panel is displayed with rolling ring for 2 seconds.
11. After 2 sec "Error: Timeout loading row 1" message panel is displayed.

In the idempiere log you can see:
16:59:23.874-----------> GridTable.waitLoadingForRow: Reached 2 seconds timeout loading row 1 for SQL=SELECT IsDescription,IsActive,C_ProjectTask_ID,Ref_OrderLine_ID,C_OrderLine_ID,C_ProjectPhase_ID,RRStartDate,QtyLostSales,DateInvoiced,DateDelivered,C_Currency_ID,S_ResourceAssignment_ID,PriceLimit,RRAmt,Processed,AD_Client_ID,AD_Org_ID,C_Order_ID,C_BPartner_ID,C_BPartner_Location_ID,DatePromised,DateOrdered,Line,M_Warehouse_ID,M_Product_ID,C_Charge_ID,M_AttributeSetInstance_ID,Description,QtyEntered,C_UOM_ID,QtyOrdered,QtyDelivered,QtyReserved,QtyInvoiced,M_Shipper_ID,PriceEntered,PriceCost,PriceActual,PriceList,FreightAmt,C_Tax_ID,Discount,C_Project_ID,C_Activity_ID,C_Campaign_ID,AD_OrgTrx_ID,User1_ID,User2_ID,LineNetAmt,Created,CreatedBy,Updated,UpdatedBy FROM C_OrderLine WHERE C_OrderLine.AD_Client_ID IN(0,11) AND C_OrderLine.AD_Org_ID IN(50007,0,50004,50005,50006,50000,50001,50002,11,12) AND (C_OrderLine.C_OrderLine_ID IS NULL OR C_OrderLine.C_OrderLine_ID NOT IN ( SELECT Record_ID FROM AD_Private_Access WHERE AD_Table_ID = 260 AND AD_User_ID <> 100 AND IsActive = 'Y' )) ORDER BY Line [31]
16:59:23.899===========> ADWindowToolbar.doOnClick: Timeout loading row 1 [31]
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at org.adempiere.webui.adwindow.ADWindowToolbar.doOnClick(
at org.adempiere.webui.adwindow.ADWindowToolbar.onEvent(

If I try create new record again in this window then all right - C_Order saved immediately without error message.
But if I close Purchase Order window and open it again with create new record then error occures as describe above.
This error occures in Purchase Order, Sales Order, Phisical Inventory, Inventory Move - documents with Line part having big data.




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Денис Кузнецов



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