When Costing Level = Organization, Some Costing Tools have Issues + Bigger Mfr Costing Picture


Carlos, will you please review the following and let me know if you agree with my assessment. My belief that this will be a parent ticket to describe higher level issues. Individual tickets will be created for the specific issues below.

When using a client that has Costing Level = Organization, some of the tools do not act correctly. Examples include:

  • Roll Up BOM Cost does not differentiate by Org. Instead, it sums the cost across all orgs.

  • Standard Cost Update process creates a single Cost Adjustment header with the context's #AD_Org_ID org. Instead, it should create a header per org per costing org.

  • Standard Cost Update process does not look at the Product Category's Costing Level. Instead, it only looks at the Acct Schema Cost Level.

Other issues found (need to be moved to their own tickets):

  • Roll Up BOM Cost needs to respect multiple accounting schemas

  • Cost Adjustment does not respect the storage organization. If you have have inventory of the same product spread between multiple organizations, a Cost Adjustment does to post the delta to the respective orgs. Instead, it places the entire cost delta in the org of the Cost Adjustment record.

My end goal is to be able to do the following:

  1. Use org level costing

  2. Be able to perform a Roll Up BOM Cost process and have the new costs land in the Future Cost field of all semi-finished and finished goods.

  3. Execute a Standard Cost Update process to move the future costs to the current cost and post the inventory value differences to the GL.

Doing so will give:

  • operations people the ability to manipulate raw good future costs.

  • Accounting people the ability to roll up future costs and evaluate the impacts on current inventory and booked (but not shipped) sales profit.

  • Accounting people the ability to execute the Future Cost to Current cost push and record the changes to the GL.

  • All this across multiple organizations (US/China/Brazil/etc...)

Thanks for your consideration!!




Carlos Ruiz


Chuck Boecking



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