Region field in Tax Rate window default OR when default country is not USA


As found when a new record is created in Tax Rate window the default value for the Region field is always OR. This becomes a bug when the default country is not USA and OR is not part of the region, but it still sets it.

<druiz> @CarlosRuiz, there's a bug in Tax rate window, when the client's default country is different to USA and you create a new Tax Rate, the Region is set to OR. I tested it locally with Germany as default country and in test.idempiere with "Client AJ IND" which has India as default country
<druiz> same behavior in both cases
<CarlosRuiz> druiz if in the end you have in the database a region from a different country - I think that's a bug
<CarlosRuiz> solution can be to set default for C_Region_ID to -1
<CarlosRuiz> but what sounds strange is that the region field must have a dynamic validation - so the list must not contain that record - that can be another bug if the list is allowing regions that doesn't fulfill dynamic validation
<druiz> When you delete the OR from the field and save
<druiz> The region list is shown correctly, in my case all the German regions without OR
<CarlosRuiz> try changing the default to -1
<druiz> @CarlosRuiz it seems like the -1 as default works


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