Performance: replace Custom Idempiere Homepage (img_back) 639kb->69kb


not an important, but principally, please replace the img_back.png (639kb) with img_back.jpg (69kb). we save network and patience

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Norbert Bede
January 19, 2015, 7:24 AM

changes: button "Go to Login" changed to "Try DEMO" + color orange changed to gray with icon and little white stroke.

Carlos Ruiz
March 4, 2015, 5:17 PM

Norbert I like those images better - but the release number of iDempiere must not be burnt into the image or we would need to change it on every release.

Also, is it possible to contribute that as a patch from org.adempiere.server/resources folder.

Another thing that we wanted to change is the icon for Send Request as is just the same of Webstore but inverted and that seems confusing.


Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz
March 4, 2015, 5:17 PM

Ah, BTW I think Try Demo is not good idea - better the Go To Login

Norbert Bede
March 4, 2015, 5:26 PM

all headers version could be dynamic. so you succest to prepare patch incl. css etc.

Rolf Wojtech
April 17, 2015, 9:31 PM

I am new to idempiere so excuse my lack of correct terminology. But I would like to let you know that the first user experience with your system is terrible (I would sugar coat this but I feel like the point might not get across).
I am talking about the very first thing a user sees: (or localhost:8080)
You have 8 very clearly labeled buttons, none of which lead to what 99% of users will be looking for: a login screen. Instead you have to click in the middle of a graphic that has no visual clues whatsoever. I asked a colleague, we tried all 8 buttons and assumed your demo was broken and proceded to do a local install. When this showed the same screen with now apparent login option, we were even more confused.
Luckily I found this page: that mentions that one should "Click on the iDempiere's icon on the right".
This button is so counter intuitive that our entire office had a good laugh when I showed them. To somebody unfamiliar with the software, this is a showstopper. I am surprised nobody in your community has pointed this out yet, it is in my opinion a really bad UI design flaw. First impressions matter and the fact that you oversee issues like this honestly makes me instantly question the software before I even got to see it.
Here are a couple of possible fixes:
1) Make the button non-transparent
2) Make the button say "Login" (every other button on the page has a label)
3) Put "Local Support" to where the "Resource" button is now, drop the Resource button (a confusing label anyways), place a new Button "Login" on the top left button posistion, optionally make the Logo go to your website
4) (Most complex change but imho the only proper fix) Integrate the Login fields directly on the first site a user sees
Please do not shoot the messenger here. My tone may not be very polite but at least I took the time to report this. If you don't believe me, please ask anyone not familiar with the software to login to it and only give them the URL
I would bet that less than 10% will accomplish this and none of these would not try the other buttons first.
I asked a friend of mine who does UI usability profesionally to check it out, here is the chatlog:
[10:45:03] Rolf: Could you test something for me?
[10:45:32] Friend: Sure
[10:45:45] Rolf: please login to this demo
[10:45:47] Rolf:
[10:45:48] Friend: ok
[10:46:04] Friend: and now?
[10:46:06] Rolf: its a ERP system
[10:46:22] Friend: looks crappy
[10:46:29] Rolf: Login : SuperUser
Password : System
[10:46:49] Rolf: its really great, just login
[10:46:55] Friend: where is the login`?
[10:47:07] Rolf: isn't it obvious?
[10:47:51] Rolf: ok you'll have to search for a bit
[10:47:59] Rolf: what have you tried so far?
[10:48:07] Friend: not really obvious
[10:48:48] Rolf: come on, you studied IT, you should be able to handle this
[10:49:14] Rolf: i will give you a hint
[10:49:30] Rolf: the button is transparent
[10:49:43] Friend: found it
[10:49:49] Friend: oh my god how crappy
[10:49:59] Rolf: what would be your first impression
[10:50:49] Rolf: on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being very intuitive, how intuitive is this
[10:51:16] Friend: Well I am a usability expert and this is one of the worst I have seen
[10:55:48] Rolf: do you mind if i attach this chatlog to the ticket
[10:55:54] Friend: no
I also showed it to our secretary, she clicked on the "Plugin console" and thought that was the Login screen.



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