improve shortcuts for master detail data entry windows


I want that the most used parts of the program can be used as fast as possible. In my usecase this is to enter new Orders. To to this fast we need a possibility to use this master-detail window without using the mouse but only with shortcuts.

This ticket will help for zk to catch up and become as usable as Swing.

These are some of the things I need:

  • enable Shortcuts on Info Window (go to list widget, select ok or cancel, refresh)

  • when in master record: create a new line in detail tab and set focus to this line (like pressing "new" button in the detail tab)

  • when in detail tab: create a new line and set focus

  • navigation in detail grid: up, down, left, right

  • change the active detail tab (cycling through all tabs would be ok)

  • configure the height of the lower tab area (this does not really belong to the shortcuts but it improves usability. Perhaps it is an own issue?)

Perhaps we can have a look if we can make shortcuts configurable.




Hiep Lq
February 9, 2015, 10:06 AM

as my prev comment, current system shortcut has some limit:
1. hard to implement configuration as requirement of .
i think configuration is must have feature. as in my laptop. alt + z is override by other program.

2. duplicate handle: all listener is call when one event raise.

3. hard to control special event for each component.
example when show a dialog (process parameter, info window) we still operater under window by shortcut key
(at payment window, show invoice dialog click alt + left, next payment is navigate)

4. hard to use same key for multiple component.
example when use alt + left for window, we hard to same key for infowindow. it's to void issue 2

5. current keyListener.setAutoBlur(true) is not work make issue desciption at

because i implement new class for handle shortcut. it do as below
1. component self registry listener because when it at top it can handle every keystroke, more freedom to define shortcut
2. let top outter control (AdempiereWebUI) handle all key because we can set some special key for global (as ctr + alt + s for go to global search)
3. make code to easy configuration shortcut key

work is inprogress, but i want confirm this solution is accept to continue take time implement it.

Hiep Lq
February 9, 2015, 10:10 AM

i attach a patch.
something in-progress:
1. GUI to user can configuration
2. forward key don't handle by active control to global
from global can continue forward it for other control by when pass some logic.
3. when show wait window, don't allow below control handle shortcut

Norbert Bede
May 8, 2016, 7:01 AM

, , i want to know is this ticket and actual effort of hieplq and direction is OK.
My PRIO is for resolve ESC ignorance IDEMPIERE-2941, however im open to test full shortcut implementation.

Carlos Ruiz
May 9, 2016, 2:39 AM

I'm not working on it, I see there is some WIP from here.

I'm ok if you agree to try it in experimental in order to be moved to core.


Carlos Ruiz

Thomas Bayen
May 9, 2020, 5:09 PM

I reviewed this at the Triage Day. Some of my original demands are ssolved and some not. My thinking is that one of the most important things to move this forward is to have the shortcuts configurable. Without that there will always be reasons why a special shortcut does not work - depending on browser, version, desktop environment and operating system.

As hiep said his patch is work in progress I like to ask him to review that and think about finishing it or declare it as reviewable.

After that we can think about which shortcut events are still missing.


Hiep Lq


Thomas Bayen


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