Adding support for over shipment


Purchase flow supports Over Receipt, but same is not supported for shipment. Also reversing MR with multiple Attributes on shipment line add up orderedQty.




Carlos Ruiz
October 15, 2015, 12:08 AM

, testing today "PO Over Receipt" the sysconfig key required to configure is VALIDATE_MATCHING_TO_ORDERED_QTY

Carlos Ruiz
October 3, 2015, 12:22 AM

Hi , I don't know this ticket in detail, but I can provide some comments about your questions:

> PO Over Receipt
haven't tested, can be that development was incomplete, or there is some sysconfig required to make it work

> Shipment with No SO
I think JJ modeled this intentionally, I tend to justify that thinking that allowing shipments without a sales order can be a hole to control inventories in companies, any shipment must be justified by a sales order.
Implementing this can be a big issues as the sales flow doesn't provide matching documents.

> Shipment Against a Random SO
Yes, this sounds like a hole, usually covered by additional validations in business logic, but I think it would be good to control such situations in core.

> Why does the MR hide the Order_ID field
Don't know again why JJ designed like this - what I know from this functionality is that you can have one MR related to several purchase orders, you can push the create from button and select different POs, in such case the "order_id" doesn't make sense.


Carlos Ruiz

Chuck Boecking
September 30, 2015, 4:53 PM

Team, I am trying to document this enhancement, and I have a few questions. (

PO Over Receipt
It states that "Purchase flow supports Over Receipt", however, I cannot get the system to receive more than ordered. Every time I attempt, the Matched PO stops the MR Completion with an error reading "Failed to update match po. Total matched delivered qty > ordered qty.". The only two work-a-rounds I am aware of are (1) create a MR Line with no PO Line link, or (2) Update the PO to account for the increased amount.

Over Shipment from SO
I tested this concept, and all worked as expected.

Shipment with No SO
Why does the system not allow you to Create a Shipment (line) without a SO (line)? I can think of no business logic for this restriction. It should behave just like the MR (line) with no PO (line).

Shipment Against a Random SO
While testing, I was able to create and complete a Shipment against a random SO with a random BP and SOLine with a random product. This is how I would get around the above "Shipment with no SO" restriction.

Why does the MR hide the Order_ID field
This makes no sense to me. On the Shipment, you can scan in the Order_ID from a barcode, and the BP details fill in automatically. If you unhide and un-readonly the Order_ID on the MR, the same behavior exists. This (receiving behavior) is ideal for receiving against boxes with a PO barcode. To take this one step further, if the MR Create lines from dialog would respect the Order_ID (if not null) and show the users the MR Lines, that would be down right slick. Does this section deserve its own ticket?

Thank you,
Chuck Boecking

Heng Sin Low
September 10, 2014, 4:55 AM

Fix the update of C_OrderLine.QtyReserved for over shipment.

Hiep Lq
August 14, 2014, 2:20 AM

i make test data as i said in meeting. below is step
1. make new warehouse name "negative reserver"
2. make a receipt "10000511" with produce hoe, qty = 10
3. make a order "50000" with produce hoe, qty = 5
4. make a shipment "500000" for this order with produce hoe, qty = 10
now, check order line of order. see "Reserved Quantity" = -5



Heng Sin Low


Deepak Pansheriya



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