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There is no OSGi interface for a PaymentExport


There is an interface to export payments in org.adempiere.base/src/org/compiere/util/PaymentExport.java It is not supported via OSGi and I would like to create a way to implement a kind of "IPaymentExportFactory" in an OSGi plugin.

I am working on an Online Banking Interface to support the new SEPA online transactions. While doing that I saw that the interface for PaymentProcessors does only allow one Payment at a time. With SEPA (and the older german DTAUS format) you can send many payment transactions in one turn. This saves bank charges, is faster and depending on your bank security mechanism you have to authorize every transaction with a PIN and TAN.

So there is a need for an interface to send many payments in one turn to your bank. After seeing through the code It seems the best way if I use the already used PaymentExport interface. It only lacks of OSGi plugin support. The PaymentProcessor interface is very far away from working with many transactions and it is an abstract base class that deals with HTTP connections. The HBCI online banking interface I need to implement does work with a whole new library and does not need anything of the PaymentProcessor stuff. I would like to use a simpler interface with just one method like PaymentExport already is.

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