search without "%" mark in value, name, description fields


Mardy users hate search by using %. We need to implement possibility of full search in a column. anyway google to doesnt neet %mark%

Use case: Use want to seach in Business Partner Info Window by name based on string "trade". The awaited result is World Trade Ltd.

Actual Behaviour: if you type Trad, then no result. If you use %trad% then result us World Trade Ltd. So actually if no % used then should return just records where record start with "trade" otherwise no result.

Requested Behaviour: in System Config for legacy should be implemented something.... like this SEARCH_FULLTEXT =Y/N. Mean System will search in case Y - no % sign required. in case N you need to user legacy %something% approach. its mainly important for value, name, description fields.

Meeting notes from 13.11.2013 Tom Bayen/Norbert bede topic (part)

If you create an tracker item I can give a small patch to test the functionality. If you test it well and Carlos thinks it is woth to include I can extend it to use either a client system property or we add another checkmark to the field definition of string fields.
I saw in the zk code that the "blabla%" magic (the % at the end) does work only for some column names like "name", "value" etc. but not for all. It may be a good idea to make this configurable for every column and let choose a kind of search from different choices.

For Swing you can do it in "org.adempiere.ui.swing/src/org/compiere/apps/search/", line 1011. For zk I still can't find it. Interesting to read through Heng Sin's masterpiece - but a bit frustrating.

The zk patch should be in org.adempiere.ui.zk/WEB-INF/src/org/adempiere/webui/window/, around line 1772




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Norbert Bede


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