2Pack shoud not try to reduce column size



I've tried to import the LCO.detailednames plugin in my local instance.
And faced this issue :
My C_BPartner.Name length is 80.
In the plugin, it is 60 (default).

And 2Pack tries to decrease the length but Oracle says "No !" as there was records > 60 characters.

So, I think 2Pack should only increase, but not decrease column length.






Carlos Ruiz
November 8, 2013, 10:19 PM
Heng Sin Low
November 11, 2013, 9:33 AM

I guess one possible improvement is to check ad_changelog and only export fields that have been modified since dateFrom. I think this enhancement should be useful for both official and non-official entities. It is always much safer to include only the field that have been modified.

Nicolas Micoud
November 11, 2013, 1:23 PM


I've installed the plugin using the last version, thanks !

Wondering if it would be possible to know all consequences of installing a 2pack archive ?
There could be an option on the 'PackIn' process that will proceed the 2Pack.zip, but will not commit anything.
Just note all modifications to a log file.

Then users can study it and find out what object will be overwritten, created, ...




Diego Ruiz
June 25, 2020, 1:47 PM

Triaged by Diego Ruiz,

The mentioned issue here is still present in 7.1z.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login as System in one server (in my case triage1 server)

  2. Open Table and Column and navigate to C_BPartner

  3. Set the C_BPartner.Name column’s length to 160

  4. Click Synchronize column

  5. Login as System in another server (in my case triage4 server)

  6. Open Table and Column and navigate to C_BPartner

  7. Navigate to the column Name

  8. Add some read-only logic (1=1)

  9. Open the pack out window

  10. Choose Date From as today

  11. Check Export Dictionary Entity

  12. Go to package details and create a new record with Type = ‘Table’ And Table = 'C_BPartner'

  13. Click on the export package button

  14. Go back to the first server (triage1)

  15. Open the pack in window

  16. Attach the pack out created in step 13

  17. Click on the PackIn button

Expected result:

The C_BPartner.Name column should have updated only the read-only logic field.

Actual result:

The C_BPartner.Name column’s length was set back to 120.

I think the approach suggested by Heng Sin would be a great improvement on 2Packs

Carlos Ruiz
June 26, 2020, 7:03 PM

Opened pull request https://github.com/idempiere/idempiere/pull/143

This is dangerous destructive behavior by the app.


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Nicolas Micoud


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