Material receipts without matching purchase order line will report "No costing" even though the system knows the cost



We create a purchase order for 14 boxes of Chicken Feet with a purchase order price of 17 SEK/box

The vendor ships 70 boxes of Chicken Feet. Hence, we get 56 boxes too many.

The first 14 boxes are matched to a purchase order line and the purchase order line price is used to calculate the Average PO. The material receipt can be processed by the accounting engine.

The other 56 boxes doesn't have a purchase order line and will never have one since we didn't order them. However, they have arrived in the warehouse and a material receipt has been created.

Currently this material receipt will never be accounted because the accounting engine tries to get the Average PO price from the purchase order line, but there will never be one.

My suggestion is, that in cases like this, either use the current costing OR the actual invoiced price for this material receipt.

A quick check of the code for Doc_InOut reveals that an order line is REQUIRED for each material receipt line. This would only work in a perfect world




Martin Schönbeck
May 9, 2020, 10:53 AM

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as we used to enter material receipts without having an order up to last year I just checked with our server. It is on the actual 7.1z level. Even if pricePO for the given vendor is set and also a purchase pricelist with a valid price accounting is aborted with “No Costs for…”

Heng Sin Low
May 9, 2020, 12:42 PM

Re-classified as a new feature request since In the current data model, average po costing is from matchpo and hence it is not possible if you are doing MR without corresponding PO line.


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