scroll wheel works in very small steps in Swing Client


On some places the vertical 'scrolling through a mouse wheel is very slow'. E.g. in Single Row View if the record does not fit into the window it is so slow you can't really use it for daily work.

This does not belong to all scroll bars (Main Menu is OK, Multi Row Grid View is OK). Part of the task is to 'identify other panels' than the single row view that need improvement.

If we are on it we can try to have the horizontal scrolling work. Some time ago this seemed very extraordinary but with today's touchpads (and touchscreens coming) horizontal scrolling will be an issue too.


swing client in Debian Linux amd64 with xfce4 and OpenJDK7
(was the same before on i386/kde3/SunJav6)


Thomas Bayen
January 20, 2013, 7:52 PM

Despite the fact that I was really sure that this is an issue in more than one window I could not find the windows I had in my mind. May be there is only one place to fix.

I did a one-liner patch at

I will try working with that and test it for some days before I request to insert it in trunk.


Thomas Bayen
January 20, 2013, 6:58 PM

Regarding to the horizontal scrolling:

I have to point to . In short: Scrolling in two directions is not yet implemented in Java.

To solve the horizontal scrolling issue we could try to do some hacking to implement it with a workaround or just wait until Oracle will implement it. It seems there are not even events generated when using the horizontal scrollwheel. So a workaround would mean either to change something in the Java platform code (Huh!) or use the vertical wheel and a modifier. The last one does not really help to let the user work faster.

Because this part of my issue is not that important for myself I prefer to forget about horizontal scrolling until Oracle solves that.




Thomas Bayen


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