Enhancing Lookup / Find dialog for IN and Not IN operator


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Rewriting design so now discussion can be done on ticket.

We should add IN and Not IN operator in find window, So user can search any value match. Currently this is achievable by building expressions and using OR but it is no user friendly.
This is different then Norbert Request as support for non multi select field too.

My Design is
1. When IN or Not IN operator selected for Table, Table Direct, Search, we shows multi select editors. So user can choose one value from that.
2. When data type is string, we show text box and user can enter value separated by pipe (|) . Postgresql we can use SIMILAR TO and for Oracle we can use RegExp_Like for searching.
Postgress support query like
Select * from AD_Client where name SIMILAR TO '%(Garden|SuperT|Abc)%'
While oracle has
SELECT * FROM AD_Client WHERE REGEXP_LIKE (name, '(Garden|SuperT|Abc)');
3. For integer or numeric, user can provide comma separated list.




Carlos Ruiz
September 4, 2020, 12:52 PM

Thanks , there is a challenge for the three tickets that are improving the Find window at this moment.

They collide and it will make it complex to integrate, that's why I have in hold the ticket for the implementation of relative dates until Norbert/Igor finish the implementation of the detail query and other stuff.

This will touch exactly the same points, so we need a lot of coordination to do it correctly and resolve all the conflicts.

Deepak Pansheriya
September 4, 2020, 1:06 PM

Ohk, We can add dependency. So will not work till those are finished.

Carlos Ruiz
September 4, 2020, 1:09 PM

You can start working on that - as a POC - but take into account that it will probably need to solve conflicts with the others.

About SIMILAR TO - we have already a mechanism to use SIMILAR TO instead of LIKE - just for postgresql in user preferences.




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