Jasper reports set the current language always to the login language


When you create a jasper report process in iDempiere the CURRENT_LANG parameter is always being set to the login language (Except for documents, then the PrintFormat language is set which is correct).

Some reports want to be printed with the Business Partner's language, for example.

The system should allow the user to override this parameter by creating a jasper report process record with a parameter named CURRENT_LANG or AD_Language.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login as System with English (USA) as the language

  2. Pack in this file to have a configurable test process.

  3. Open the created "Jasper OSGi Test" process record.

  4. Create a new parameter with the DB Column Name = CURRENT_LANG or AD_Language -> System Element = AD_Language -> Reference = Table -> Reference Key = AD_Language System.

  5. Open the "Jasper OSGi Test" process from the Menu

  6. Set the Language parameter to Spanish (Colombia).

Expected result:
The process should take the parameter and print the title and subtitle in the report in Spanish.

Actual result:
The process prints the title and subtitle in English, no matter the value set on the Language parameter. If you want to see the title and subtitle in Spanish you have to logout and log back in.




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Diego Ruiz


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