Table Reference and Dynamic Validation refresh problem


If some field has a Table reference type and Dynamic Validation, which makes a dependency on another field, it will have some issues with refreshing of data.

How I found it. Steps to reproduce:

  1. In BP window we have C_BP_Group_ID and M_PriceList_ID. Both has Table Direct types

  2. I created a C_BP_Group_ID in M_PriceList table with a Table Direct type

  3. M_PriceList_ID has a Dynamic Validation. I changed it to a following text:

  1. Now, if I change C_BP_Group_ID in BP window, available data in Price List field must be changed. But it's not refreshing until you click "Requery" on a field or reopen window. "Refresh" button on a toolbar does not help.




Carlos Ruiz
December 15, 2018, 3:37 PM

It's not really a bug, I think that's how is intended to work.
The automatic refresh was implemented to help avoiding to do the "Requery" but it has its limitations, like this case, we would need to analyze if is performance worthy valuable to track dependencies on displaylogic.

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Carlos Ruiz


Anton Mostovenko