Product Current Cost Price isn't automatically updated without POs or Invoices


Using Idempiere 5.1 from May 2018
Product Current Cost Price isn't easily or automatically updated if there is no PO or Invoices.

I propose a new and simple costing methodology that would use the Purchasing Price from the current vendor. It should use the Purchase PO price, unless it is set to zero, then it should default to Purchase List Price.

This way the products costing (and subsequent price lists) could be easily updated over the years, depite having never ordered the part.




Carlos Ruiz
September 8, 2018, 2:02 PM

Thanks ,

I'm not sure about this approach, we're trying to make any cost modification traceable and enable to recalculate it in time (that's the reason of Cost Adjustment) - if your idea respect that principle I think it could be implemented, but I think is better to explore it first in forums before opening a ticket.


Carlos Ruiz

Rémi Desrosiers
September 8, 2018, 11:20 PM

Hi Carlos,

Glad to hear your perspective on the issue. I did indeed brought it up on the forums first, and I saw very little activity. At least one other user is in the same situation, so I feel there must be a significant minority that has a problem with costing of “dormant” yet active products. I don’t mind an automatic Cost Adjustment, it can be triggered upon purchase price update, or as an alternative, batch processed every day or so using the scheduler. Manual Cost Adjustment form is out of question due to the amount of overhead it implies.

Think of the Last PO costing methodology, copying its functions but instead picking Purchasing Price PO (or list if PO is zero) of the current vendor.

Maybe in the future we could filter products costing methodology based on presence in the inventory, with some “recent activity” consideration if the POs/invoices are too old but the purchasing price is updated.

I’d appreciate if you can reopen this ticket and rank its priority as you see fit.

Carlos Ruiz
September 10, 2018, 9:35 AM

Reopening per request from

August 23, 2020, 2:59 PM

triagin by Marco Longo

Last PO Cost or Average is based on invoice PO document .

for your purposo You can use or extend Process Standard Cost Update

to set to PRICE PO and schedule Set standard and future cost price

For Standard Costs you can set/recalculate the current or future cost price (for the cost type of the accounting schema). If the Costing Level of the Accounting Schema is set to Client, missing cost records are created. The historical costs are calculated based on the accumulated amount/quantity of the costing method.

close and set as potential idea


Won't Fix




Rémi Desrosiers

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