improve error messages when process access rights are not set


We have a setup where the access rights are manually set. For that we have to persons with admin rights that can open access for other users. They are in the role of client admins, not developers and they have no access to the system client.

When we get an error message that a user is not allowed to start a process the error message tells us the process number - nothing else. The admin has no chance to know this number when working in the role window. In the role window you need the process name. And even worse - you need the translated process name. There is nothing bad about translation but that makes it harder to uniquely identifiy a process.

I see the following possibilities:
A) Improve the error message so that it contains the process name (and also the translated process name)
B) Give the admin user read only access to the process window so he can look for the ids of processes.
C) Show the process number in the combobox where you choose the process you want to give access to.

My workaround to do C) is to mark the id column as an identifier. That adds the pcocess id to the combobox in the role window. But I wonder if we want to add that to core to help the following generations of admin users.




Carlos Ruiz


Thomas Bayen



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