Session save/recover feature


I think it would be a handy (and possibly time-saving) feature if iDempiere could preserve the state of your session (open windows/tabs/etc) between log-ins.

While working on my development iDempiere instance, I would frequently get interrupted and when I returned my session had timed out. When I logged in again, I had to re-open all the windows that I was working on before the interruption. For my development environment, a simple workaround was to increase the session timeout length to 24 hours - however, I don't think this would be a desirable solution in a live environment, and I can anticipate times in a live deployment where having to re-open your windows each time this happened would become an annoying overhead.

I thought that a useful feature to work around this problem would be a kind of per-use "session save", which stored the current state of your web interface (which windows/tabs are open, etc) and use this at login time to re-open the same windows. For deliberate log-offs, there could be an option to preserve the state or to discard it, and for accidental log-offs the state would automatically be preserved. If the session state was stored on the server side (on a per-user basis), then you could even swap machines/browsers and still have the same session come up when you log in so you can quickly resume where you left off.

Given that iDempiere (from what I understand) already keeps track of the state of its open windows in a textual format (for the internal "context"), my high-level understanding of this suggests that it ought to be a fairly simple feature to add.




August 22, 2020, 2:22 PM

triagin marco longo

set as potential idea

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