use sent email feature without user email


is great improve,
but to use function like "email to support", sent email from report view,...
I have to configuration email address of user.
sometime it's good because receive can contact back to user by his email. but sometime it isn't necessary.
So i want to add a new configuration USER_EMAIL_IS_NOT_MANDATORY.

when USER_EMAIL_IS_NOT_MANDATORY=Y will use email configuration form if user hasn't email.




Carlos Ruiz
May 9, 2020, 3:50 PM

Closing as lack of interest from community.

Hiep Lq
December 13, 2016, 4:58 PM

Thanks Mr

1. I'm not yet family with this kind of stuff. Thanks for your comment, now i get more confidence to use it .
2. I don't know about other guys will receive email when a key get from center server. your comment push me to come back
3,4 this is my quick patch, i need it soon, so don't have enough time to self check. that why i don't switch issue to peer review.

your comment is great to push a wiki like a contribute guideline, i will do it when i refine patch.

Carlos Ruiz
December 13, 2016, 4:33 PM

Thanks , a peer review of the patch:

  • the migration script has ConfigurationLevel=S, but the code is using MSysConfig with AD_Client_ID. For these cases the ConfigurationLevel must be set to Client, so, it has a System default, but it can be overwritten in any client

  • when generating migration script is good practice to set the comment in DICTIONARY_ID_COMMENTS sysconfig key. The migration script will receive it, but also will help to let know other developers what's the reservation about when receiving the email

  • Is advised to regenerate serialVersionUID when adding public methods to model classes

  • For this specific ticket, overwriting the getEMail on MUser sounds beyond the needs of the ticket. I mean MUser.getEMail is widely used in many other points (and probably external unknown plugins). I think is better to restrict the scope of the change to the point where is required for this ticket.


Carlos Ruiz

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Hiep Lq