<1000000> IDs in webui problem


Hello according to <1000000> IDs in webui problem



We reproduced the problem on test.idempiere.org
1.Login as a Admin..
2.Open Role GW Admin, Check GW Admin Role Org Acces Tab - view in grid all organizations.
3. Open Window Organizations, Create 10 New organizations.
4. Create 2 New Roles Test1, Test2.., to first give OrgAcces for Store Central and Test1 (new org). For second role give accer for Store CEntral and Test2 org.
Initially I want to create 10 users for the 10 new roles - everyone with acces to only 1 role, but the bug is showd up in 2nd Role.
5. When I'm trying to add for Role Test 2 after sucessfully adding StoreCentral orgacces Test 2 organization to organization access, it Showd Up error Message Fill mandatory field. (i was selected test2 orginazation.)
6. When you go to organizations, and check Test10,9 OrgInfo tab, there are <1000010><1000009> numbers.

The next problem caused by this bug is if there will be User (Test10) - with role test10 and test10 orgaccess, and he login in this state of server, he cant create new records, because te @#Ad_Org_ID@ is not filled in as defaultvalue.

With , we tested Adempiere CCache initialCapacity change to test where can be the problem. On our enviroment. In case of just 1 minute (120 default) the problem showed up just after login the second user with other orgaccess. - the user was not able to create new records just 3 minute after server restart. after change ccache to 1500 minute last night, and loggin in first as admin with have access to all organizations - and opened windows organizations to have all values cached in it's now workind 1 hour- but after 1.30m not. .

many thanks for help and identifiing problem.

please core developers to test this




Ladislav Nagy
October 13, 2015, 8:40 PM

Sorry Carlos, I think something was not cleaned in my source, (really not understand how, i was check the applied patch in eclipse, then debug – it started work with my source, when i switched back workspace after first test on official devel source....)
but now i've tested my cases next 12 times, 6 in official development, 6 in my branch and now it looks work really fine. (i've tested cases by //removing lines 407,755 and realy this made it work)
thank you, fix confirmed.

Ladislav Nagy
October 13, 2015, 9:01 PM

but just try to create 2 users and 2 organizations in a row on https://test.idempiere.org/webui/, and on detail tab the <1000001> shows up

and the same in https://demo.globalqss.com/webui/
in the next step I created role (on 2.1) ROLE1, and add OrgAccess for Org1 -> the Organization name is missing in grid view ( not in form view)

test case from commnet work in 2.1 and 3.0, but there are some complications while creating roles and org access, (maybe a cache reset solve this problem after creating org) and when I open busines partners 1created under org1 and the second under org2, admin doesnt see orgnanization names ...

so now i'm not sure it is a final patch..

Carlos Ruiz
October 13, 2015, 9:34 PM

The first is a known harmless issue on organization window, after reopening the window everything must be ok.

For the second - did you run Cache Reset? Adding an organization requires Cache Reset most of the times.

Ladislav Nagy
October 13, 2015, 9:51 PM

no, i didn't run cache reset., tomorow I'll test with cache reset once again. thank you

Ladislav Nagy
October 14, 2015, 6:09 AM

yes, cache reset after creating new organizations, solved problems on tabs (role/org access, role/user,....)
this bug is closed, definitely,


Carlos Ruiz


Ladislav Nagy


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