Scheduler - support for Language, Output Format, Summary, Printformat


We use scheduler for automate reports. Users wants reports in XLS format dont like pdf. I suggest to improve scheduler, with output format selection and additional changes:

1. Add to AD_Scheduler parameter output format - cause scheduler can produce pdf, xls, html, ps, xml (all suppported data formats)
2. Add to AD_Scheduler parameter Printformat (select from available printformats - users can receive from same process various report formats)
3. Summary checkbox - reports can be summarises
4. Report Language - report can be in requested language.

use case
1. scheduler send daily - storage details in xls, printformat: group by products, language english
2. scheduler send daily - open items in pdf, printformat: group by customers, language portugal

AT THIS MOMENT, we supplement this by writing scheduler alerts - producing XLS. Contra: lot of work, data output can be different then regular report (bug) etc.




Norbert Bede
September 15, 2014, 6:00 AM

same topic, once for scheduler, second for regular reports.

Norbert Bede
December 4, 2014, 6:36 AM

IRC: 4.dec.2014
20:34 CarlosRuiz can i disturb you with an - for us - important improvment - which can done by us just im interested in your opinion
20:36 yes norbertbede
20:38 we use lot alerts with selects
20:38 we like it just cons is we need write lot sqls
20:39 e.g. storage detail, needs to be create independently regular view
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20:39 other hands scheduler can run any report nice, but output can be only pdf
20:40 we create an improvement you set is as patch
20:40 this working well in our installation. the same appeoach could be used in scheduler
20:41 so the main point of improvment is extend scheduler with "prameters" language, output format, summary flag and printformat
20:41 then we can report automatically anything
20:41 wdyt ?
20:42 so 1882 approach could be used in scheduler too ?
20:42 i like to hear your point
20:43 its not important to get to core because 2.1 transition we can use it as patch just we want to make proper improement later could be accepted in repo
20:44 yes - I like it - I would like to include that for 3.0
20:44 its ok so you prefer implement those 4 fields to scheduler ?
20:46 ocurieles_DCS entered the room.
20:46 yes - seems correct - Heng Sin did a form to capture the parameters on scheduler - can be worthy to try to include these parameters there too (but not mandatory=
20:49 just those parameters are not regular report/process parameters soon hardcoded "system parameters" - so could be placed not on tab parameters but on AD_Scheduler.
20:49 another way we need support to found the best place to application dict - if possible
20:50 maybe if you can suggest any java class where to implement for our employee tomassvikruha, he can done that easily
20:50 you know im just consultant not coder
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20:51 thus Heng Sin form is which one ?
20:51 let me check ...
20:51 pls thnks
20:53 the form appears in the Scheduler window - pushing the gear button
20:55 any ticket ? exists
20:55 ?
20:56 thnks. from code tomas will probably understand how to use this ?
20:56 trying on demo - didn't work on GardenWorld - just System - maybe a mistake
20:59 ah - I see - the "CapturedProcessParameter" process is defined with access level "System Only"
20:59 maybe worthy to try to open it for Garden and see if it works too
21:01 just still thinking how to use it :/
21:01 i see its opening popup
21:01 its ok
21:02 so we can add new fields to AD_Scheduler
21:03 looks not enough intuitive
21:11 ops. sorry understand now
21:11 this popup opening regular paremetrs

Hiep Lq
July 12, 2015, 7:42 PM

form in is great for this ticket.
but maybe improve as below:
1. remove tab parameter from schedule window
2. save default value parameter for schedule to MPInstance (maybe add column schedule_id for distinct)
3. WProcessParameterForm will extend from AbstractProcessDialog

Carlos Ruiz
July 29, 2015, 1:02 PM

thanks , not sure if I understood the proposal
1 - doesn't sound good - that tab is useful for review and also update the scheduled values

Norbert Bede
August 22, 2020, 6:34 PM

We prepare PR for this issue in upcoming weeks.


Norbert Bede


Norbert Bede


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