GL Journal related to documents


There is a potential improvement if we add link on GL Journal to any document.

This can be achieved adding the columns GL_Journal.AD_Table_ID and GL_Journal.Record_ID

To use this feature we can:

  • Add a button on the toolbar similar to how the requests button behaves but related to GL Journal

    • allows to create a GL Journal related to the record on screen

    • show pressed if there are related GL Journals

    • show the number of journals and navigate to them

  • On the accounting viewer we can add a flag to show the related notes when showing posting for a document





Thomas Bayen
August 16, 2014, 7:57 AM

I am not sure about the usecase in your mind. The usecases I have in my mind belong to the fact that one can not easy create accounting facts with self-made tables. So you could add accounting to your own database objects.

My proposal is to think about not restricting this to documents but to any database object. I am not sure if this is possible as easy. But we may think about it.

Carlos Ruiz
September 3, 2014, 10:17 PM

Use case is like this:

My accountant sometimes re-classify some postings from an invoice.

This can be done in a permanent basis using GL-Distribution, for example changing one account by another, or distributing percentages.

But, when the change is related just to one specific invoice, my accountant just create a GL Journal moving the old account to the new account. The problem is that I don't have traceability about those journals-related-to-a-document. The accountant add the invoice number on the description but that's not enough, with the proposed button I would like to make it clear that the posting of a document was modified using a GL Journal - and even better if the accounting viewer shows the posting of the document and additionally (optionally) could show the posting of the related journals.


Thomas Bayen
September 3, 2014, 11:29 PM

Yes, I think this idea is great. It gives an easy way to extend the accounting rules "manually" for special and seldom used cases without having to create an new "Doc_*" implementation in Java. To add these postings to the viewer is a very good idea.

I think when you implemented that it would be easy to use it also to connect an GL Journal also to non-Document records. That was what my comment proposed. Please keep that (as an later option if not directly implemented) in mind when implementing it.

Andres Lopez Andrade
August 22, 2020, 8:05 PM

Triaged by arlopeza

I think it’s a great idea, the case exposed by Carlos usually is exposed on some clients and is difficult to trace it if the Accountant re-classify accounts and forgot to enter the original doc.




Carlos Ruiz



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